Pre-holiday blues

Of course everyone has heard and/or experiences the post-holiday blues, but what about the pre-holiday blues?

Is it odd that the last few days before a big trip for me are full of angst and worry rather than excitement? First I start to question what am I doing … questions like ‘is it the right time?’ … ‘should I be spending all this money on one trip?’  Of course I always manage to push these aside as there is never a right time … actually, no, any time is the right time and you can’t take your money with you when you go so why not enjoy it!

Then there is all the goodbyes … work, friends, family. It never gets easier but thankfully with the wifi of today, keeping in touch is so much easier than when I startd travelling!

Something else that never gets easier for me is packing!

For those of us who love to travel, packing is a necessary evil and despite the many trips I have done – ranging from long weekends to a year, it is probably still my least favourite part of the travel experience.  My biggest issue is always the desire to take too much – there are just so many items I will not be able to live without, or so my pre-trip mind thinks.

Packing for me can take weeks and despite my dislike for it, it is of course an important part of any pre trip routine.   A week out from the trip and I find myself with a room full of piles – everything I would like to take finds its way to in to one of these piles! Next up the cull beginnings – how many t-shirts do I really need? What do I need to take when my 4 months will see me travel from the tropical Caribbean to winter in the Andes?

I’ve watched all the YouTube views and read all the tips – rolling vs folding, using packing cubes, take 50% of what you start with out … I just can’t bring myself to do it 😔 and so I leave home again with a bag that is way too full in the hope that I don’t want to buy any souvenirs and believing that it will magically get lighter and emptier.

Once on the road, it always takes a few days to get my travel head back on – it all seems so uncomfortable at first, but I guess one of the reasons we travel is to get out of our comfort zone isn’t it?

Four days in and I have reached Bogotá and am ready to truly hit the road.  My basic Spanish has managed to get me food and water and get transport to/from my hostels and I am sure there are only great things to come.

AirNZ lounge

Not a bad way to shake the off those pre-holiday blues (c/o the Koru Lounge)

2 thoughts on “Pre-holiday blues

  1. Jürg

    I can do relate to your pre-travel experiences Elaine! Somehow I always feel it shouldn’t be that hard, I am about to go on an adventure, so really have things to look forward to, and still all this angst …??! Thank you for sharing! And hey, really impressed by you traveling solo Elaine! Best way to travel I think, but it takes some guts, I suspect particularly for a woman?! All the best, eh, and many memorable and awesome experiences Elaine. And take good care 🙂


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